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South Shore PreK-8 PTSA proudly serves South Shore PreK-8 School in Seattle, Washington. The PTSA supports our South Shore students in many ways from advocacy, to activities, to classroom supplies. We welcome everyone.

Our four school wide expectations and commitments:

   I am safe.

   I am kind.

   I am respectful.

   I am a learner everyday with myself and others.  



The purpose of the organization shall be to aid the students of South Shore School by providing support for their educational and recreational needs and to promote open communication and build community between the administration, teachers, families and students.


The South Shore PTSA is committed to supporting children unconditionally and ensuring success for each child “by any loving means necessary”. The South Shore PTSA will actively participate in the improvement of the human community and stand up for social justice. The South Shore PTSA values cooperation over competition and contribution over comparison.


Our Values:

Awareness:   I strive to be present and conscious of my feelings and my choices.  I am sensitive to how my words and actions impact my life, those around me, and my world.  

Honesty:  I listen to and speak from my heart.   I tell my truth, my whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  

Responsibility:  I am compassionate and loving to myself and others.  I follow my heart and joy.  I work to detach from behaviors that do not serve me anymore.  I work hard, always do my best and respect education as an opportunity to enrich my life.  

South Shore PTSA




2020-2021  Elected Board

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Hodan Mohamed

Jonathan Morrison Winters

Vice President of Operations

Sarah Mansfield

Vice President of Family Engagement

Sanithia Parker


Bee Mattox


Jonathan Bray

Fundraising Chair

Alicia Chou

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South Shore PreK-8
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4800 S. Henderson, Seattle, WA 98118  


Main Office:          (206) 252-7600

Attendance Office: (206) 252-7604


Justin Hendrickson



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